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Smartcoin Personal Loan App Review | How to take a loan in SmartCoin? -Interest Rate, Eligibility, Full details 2023


Are you suffering from a money problem? Not getting money from anywhere. You are confused but don’t understand where to get money from. You regularly quarrel with your family over money. Do you need money for your business or need money for family work? Do you have a lot of work to do and can’t fulfill it for money? Do you want to fulfill your dream but cannot fulfill it for money?

Do you need money urgently? But what to do? For that, you have to apply online loan app. There are many loan apps online that will give you money online very quickly. But if you are looking for such an online loan app, then in this post I will show you an online loan app and explain and guide you completely on this loan app, how to take a loan from this loan app, and how much interest the loan app will charge. The name of this loan app is Smartcoin. Smartcoin Personal Loan App Review.

If you want to know more about Smartcoin loan App, continue to complete this post.

Smartcoin Personal Loan App Review
Smartcoin Personal Loan App Review

What is the Smartcoin loan app?

The genesis of SmartCoin dates back to 2015 when SmartCoin Financials Pvt. Ltd. emerged as an app-based platform catering to consumer loans. It partnered with RBI-registered NBFCs to extend instant personal loans to individuals belonging to India’s burgeoning middle and lower-income groups, who often find themselves underserved. SmartCoin quickly rose to prominence as one of India’s most reputable apps for immediate personal loans. What began as a solution for the underbanked population’s challenges has since transformed into a comprehensive financial wellness platform. In addition to online loans, SmartCoin now offers a diverse range of services encompassing gold savings, insurance, and much more. With an emphasis on automation, speed, and paperless transactions, SmartCoin sets itself apart by making real-time credit decisions, revolutionizing the loan application process.

SmartCoin App Details (Playstore). Smartcoin Personal Loan App Review

                  Key Point of SmartCoin                        Playstore Details
   Name SmartCoin   (Instant Personal loan App)
  Launched     15 -Jun -2016
   Application Size    24 MB
  Rating  4.3 Star on Play Store
   Downloads     10M+ 
   reviews   219K


What is the rate of interest in SmartCoin?

Ah, the allure of interest rates! SmartCoin weaves its magic by offering loans with impressively low-interest rates. Brace yourself, for if you opt for a loan through the SmartCoin App, you can expect to pay anywhere between 21% to 36% in interest.

What is the loan limit for SmartCoin?

Curious minds ponder the limits of borrowing within the SmartCoin universe. Rest assured, dear readers, for SmartCoin grants you the freedom to borrow an amount ranging from ₹1,000 to a staggering ₹100,000. Such financial flexibility is indeed a boon in these turbulent times.

What Is The Tenure time Of the SmartCoin Loan

when we take a loan, we want to know how long shall we be granted to repay the borrowed sum. Fear not, for SmartCoin bestows upon us the gift of temporal autonomy. Prepare yourself for a range of options, stretching from a minimum of 56 days to a generous maximum of 9 months, enabling you to meet your financial

Extra Charges Of The Smartcoin Loan

Let us unravel these extra charges :

  • Processing Fees: A modest sum of up to 2% of the loan amount shall be levied.
  • Late Payment Fee: Should the unfortunate circumstance of overdue payments arise, a penalty of 2% per month shall be imposed.

Smartcoin Loan Highest limit

Smartcoin Instant loans give up to Rs 100,000

Who is eligible for SmartCoin?

  1. The age of prospective borrowers must fall within the range of 21 to 45 years.
  2. Monthly income must soar above the lofty threshold of ₹19,500 to ₹20,000.

What are the documents required to take loan from SmartCoin Loan App?

  1. PAN Card (ID Proof)
  2. Aadhar Card (Address Proof)
  3. Bank Statements (Optional)

SmartCoin Loan App Example

SmartCoin Loan Amount: ₹45,000
Tenure: 6 months
Processing Fee: ₹1,593 (3.54%)
Rate of Interest: 30% per annum
Total Interest: ₹4,002
EMI: ₹8,167
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 42.94%
Total Amount to be Paid: Rs.8,167 x 6Months = Rs.49,002
Total Cost of Loan: ₹4,002 + ₹1,593 = ₹5,595
Amount Disbursed: ₹43,407

How to take a loan in SmartCoin?

Step 1: Install the SmartCoin Personal Loan App on your device.

Step 2: Register, give your personal details, and complete the OTP verification process.

Step 3: Apply for an instant online loan, selecting your desired amount and tenure.

Step 4: Complete e-KYC by uploading the necessary documents.

Step 5: Navigate the loan agreement, sign it, and await loan processing and approval.

Behold! An instant loan shall materialize in your account within mere minutes.

What is the purpose to take a loan from Smartcoin?

Behold the myriad reasons to embark on this financial journey:

  1. Instant Loans for Medical Emergencies
  2. Personal Shopping Loans.
  3. Loans to Mitigate Bill and Rent Woes
  4. Online Loans to Tackle Household Expenses
  5. Online Loans to Fund Home Renovations
  6. Personal Expenses and Pocket Money
  7. Loans for Educational purposes
  8. Digital Loans for Entrepreneurial Ventures
  9. Loans to Facilitate EMI Payments

Smartcoin Personal Loan APP Company Details

smartcoin customer care number: +91-9148 380504/+91 86603 92994

smartcoin Working Hours: 24/7

smartcoin Website: https://smartcoin.co.in/

smartcoin Company Office Address: Karnataka, Bengaluru, Malleshwaram, 560012,   62/2-1, 8th Main Rd, India

smartcoin Official Email Id: help@smartcoin.co.in

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