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Privo Loan App Full Review in English | How to Apply For Privo Personal Loan Online Full Guide In 2023 [ Real or Fake ]


Privo Loan App Full Review in English: Friends, are you in too much financial trouble? Friends, I too fell into such financial trouble. Then I got to know about the loan that I could get online, and then I got the loan from this loan app. But do you also want to take a loan from this loan app? Now we will discuss what difficulties you can get a loan from this loan app. Friends, you can take loans from this loan app due to these difficulties, for example, if you need a loan for an emergency medical expense, a loan to build or repair your new home, a loan for a new vehicle, a loan for education, a loan for marriage, a loan for travel, or a loan for personal reasons. What is the name of the loan application you’re interested in? The name of this loan is Privo: Instant Credit Line. I will discuss this Privo Loan App completely in this post. How to take a loan from the Privo Loan app? And how much money can you borrow from the Privo Instant Loan App? And for how long can you take a loan from the Privo Instant personal loan app? If we take a loan from the Privo Instant Personal Loan App, how much interest do we have to pay every month? Keep reading this post completely to know and understand it completely.

Privo loan app Key PointPlay Store Details
Name of the appPrivo: Instant Credit Line App
App Launched 02-February-2022
Privo App Size33MB
Privo App Rating4.7 Star
Privo App Review3k

Privo Loan App Full Review in English

Privo Loan App Loan Amount

If you want to take a loan from the Privo Instant Loan app, you can easily take a loan from a minimum of Rs.20,000 to a maximum of Rs.5lakh.

What Is the Tenure of Privo Loan App? | Privo Loan App Full Review in English

If you obtain a loan through the Privo loan app, you will have up to five years to return it. You will have from three to a maximum of sixty months to repay the loan amount.

Privo Loan Interest Rate

Before taking a loan from any loan app, many people want to know how much interest this loan app takes from us. Privo Loan App will take interest from you every year, from a minimum of 9.99% to a maximum of 3.99%.

Privo Loan App Extra Charges

Processing fee – If you take a Privo loan, you have to pay 1% to 3% in processing fees.

Privo Personal Loan Documents Required?

The Privo Personal Loan App provides loans based on your Aadhaar Card and PAN card.

1) Aadhar Card

2) PAN Card

3)  Bank Statement.

Privo Loan Eligibility

1) To get a loan from the Privo Loan App, you must be between the minimum age of 21 and the maximum age of 57 years.

2) Your monthly salary should be Rs.18000 or more.

3) Your CIBIL Score should be more than 710+.

How to Apply For Privo Personal Loan Online Full Guide In 2023

1) First, you need to install the Privo Personal Loan App from the Google Play Store or the Privo official website.

2) Then sign up with your mobile number in the Privo Personal Loan app and verify your account with an OTP.

3) Now you have to give your personal details. Your name, birthdate, PAN, Aadhaar, and email address.

4) Next, you must provide information about your employment.

5) Now you have to complete KYC. An Aadhaar card number should be given, and an OTP will be sent to the Aadhaar-registered mobile.

6) If your documentation was appropriately submitted, you will now be able to deposit the approved loan amount to your bank account.

Privo is RBI Registered or Not

Yes. Privo is an RBI-registered NBFC company.

Privo Loan App Is Real or Fake

Your data is encrypted in the Privo Loan app. You cannot delete data from the Privo Loan app, even if you wish.

Privo Personal Loan Company Details

Privo loan customer care number18001038961

Privo Website link – https://privo.in/

Privo customer care email id – support@privo.in/support@creditsaison-in.com

Friends, I hope that you will know everything about the Privo Loan app. One of the good aspects of this loan app is that you can know in three minutes whether you will get a loan from it. Other loan apps do not show you whether you will get the loan so quickly. I hope that now you can easily take a loan from the Privo Loan app. Friends, if you have any kind of problem while taking a loan, then you can comment below, and I will help you.

If you take a loan from any loan app, only if you need more money. Don’t take a loan from any loan app unnecessarily. Because this loan app will charge more interest from you, 30% to 40% interest will be charged to you if the EMI is missed. Take a loan only if you need money in an emergency because many fake loan applications are online.

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