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Advance Loan App Review | How to Apply Online for a Personal Loan in Advance Loan – Interest Rate, Tenure, and Eligibility Full Guide 2023


Do you want to take a loan from Advance Loan? I will review Advance Loan in this post. How do I take a loan from Advance Loan? How much money can we borrow from an advance loan, and if we get a loan from an Advance loan, how much interest should we pay? This post will tell you all the eligibility criteria and documents needed to take this loan. Advance Loan App Review

Today, everyone takes loans from the Personal Loan app because one does not have to go anywhere to get these loans; the loan is available at home by applying online through mobile. If you want to take a loan from the bank, you have to go to the bank many times, which wastes a lot of time. The bank has many criteria to get a loan, but if we can’t fulfill them, we don’t get the loan. Online personal loan apps are very good for that.


Advance Loan App Details (Play Store) 

Advance Loan App Review

Key Point of Advance Loan   Play Store Details
  Name Advance Loan   (Instant loan App)
  Launched 31-March-2023
  Application Size 10MB
  Rating 4.8 Stars on the Play Store
  Downloads 500k
  reviews 3k


How Much Loan Amount Can We Get From The Advance Loan App?

You can get Rs.5000 to Rs.2lakh very easily from the Advance Loan. You can get loan amounts from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 2 lakhs according to your credit score very easily from here.

What Is The Tenure Rate (Time Period) Of The Advance Loan  App?

If you take a loan from an Advance loan, you have to pay the loan amount within 100 days to a maximum of 365 days.

What Is The Interest Rate Of An Advance Loan App?

Whenever we want to take a loan from somewhere, we want to know how much interest we have to pay every month, whether from a bank or a loan application. We want to know how much interest will be paid every month. If you want to take a loan from an advance loan, you have to pay an interest rate of a minimum of 18.25% to a maximum of 25% every month.

Advance Loan App Example (Here’s an example of how loans from the Advance Loan App work:

Advance Loan Amount: Rs.10,000
Tenure: 120 Days
Processing Fee: Rs.100
Rate of Interest: 18.25% per annum
Total Interest: Rs.600
EMI: Rs.2,679
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 71%
Total Amount to be Paid: Rs. 2,679 x 4Month = 10,718
Total Cost of Loan: Rs.10,718 {₹600+₹100+₹18(GST)=₹718}
Amount Disbursed: Rs.10,000

Advance Loan App Eligibility Criteria

1) To apply for a loan through the Advance Loan App, you must be at least 18 years old.

2) The maximum you can get a loan if your age is less than 60 years

3) You must be an Indian to get the loan.

4) To get a loan from the Avance loan app, you need to be a salaried employee and have a stable monthly income source.

Advance Loan Loan App Documents Required?

  • You must have a Voter ID Card or Aadhaar Card.
  • You must have a PAN Card.
  • You must have a Bank Account.

How to Apply Online for a Personal Loan in Advance Loan

  • To avail of a loan from the Advance Loan app, you first need to install the Cool Rupee App from the Google Play Store.
  • Sign up here with your mobile number and accept some basic permissions.
  • Then you complete your KYC with some of your basic documents, check your credit score, and then get the loan.
  • Sign the online loan agreement with NBFCs to get the loan from the Advance Loan app.
  • If you are approved for the loan, it will be transferred to your bank account within moments.

Why choose an advance Loan? ( Advance Loan App Review )

  • You can opt for it because the interest rate is low and the handling charges are also low.
  • If you apply for a loan on the Advance Loan app, you will get your loan within a day.
  • If you want to take a loan from the Advance Loan app, you don’t need to deposit any money in advance, and you don’t need a credit card to take the loan.

Advance Loan APP Company Details

Advance Loan APP Customary Care Number: Not Available

Advance Loan APP E-mail: coolservicecus@hotmail.com

Advance Loan APP Working Hours: Not Available

Advance Loan APP Address: Not Available

Conclusion  (Advance Loan App Review)

Friends I hope that after reading this post completely, you have learned a lot about Advance loans. You can take a loan from Rs.5,000 to Rs.2lakh from Advance Loan. How to apply for an Advance loan and what qualifications do you need to apply? You have learned everything through this post. If you want to know more, you can comment below, and I will help. Share this post with all your friends and family. Thanks for always being with us.


Finally, I will say that before taking a loan from any loan app, take the loan knowingly. There are many fake loan apps online, Advance loan can be a fake loan app because there is no contract number in this Advance loan app, they don’t have their own website, official address, and email ID is Hotmail. I am not sure if the Advance loan app is a fake loan app. Could Take a loan from here knowingly.

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