Diseases of Teeth and Measures to Avoid the Teeth Diseases 2023

Precaution During Dentition of Infants
Precaution During Dentition of Infants

Diseases of teeth and measures to avoid teeth diseases | Precaution during Dentition of Infant

Measures to prevent Pyria

Filter rock salt with fabric and mixed with mustard oil. Brush your teeth with this powder.

Orange is useful in Pyria. Dried the peel of the orange in sunlight and grind it. Brush your teeth with this powder.

Dried the mango kernels and grind them. Regularly brush your teeth with this powder, Pyria, and all teeth-related diseases become fine.

Eat raw cabbage as salad, it is beneficial for Pyria.

If you are suffering from Pyria then, mix camphor with pure ghee and apply. Drain out the saliva.

Taking plenty of spinach saves from Pyria.

In betel put camphor equivalent to gram and chew it and spit out.

Measures to remove the bad odor from the mouth

Chew lightly roasted cumin, it will remove the smell.

Chew green coriander leaves. It also aids in odor elimination.

Frequently rinse your mouth.

Chew cardamom or licorice.

Add 1 tablespoon of ginger juice to hot water and rinse your mouth with this water.

Precaution During Dentition of Infants
Precaution During Dentition of Infants

Dentition of infant

During the dentition of an infant, there are so many problems arise such as diarrhea. The explanation of this is that as a kid begins to move on the knee, he or she puts objects nearby in his or her mouth, resulting in diarrhea.  Don’t give fur toys to child because it contains hidden bacteria which enter into the stomach through the nose or mouth. Don’t give cheap plastic toys to your kids because cheap plastics use unsafe colors and add dangerous chemicals. It causes infection due to which your child comes into the grip of diarrhea. So pay particular attention to cleaning around the kids. Always clean their toys and don’t give fur toys to children.

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