Buttermilk Keeps the Body Cool In Summer | Watermelon, Keera Increase Water Level in Body


In hot summer, the amount of relief one gets by drinking cool water cannot be described in words. Liquids should be taken in summer not only for providing coolness to the body but also to recover the fluids and salts that are lost from the body due to sweating.

#8 Do not wait to feel thirsty but take liquids frequently to maintain the water level in the body.

#7 Cool drinks instantly give coolness to the body but sugar, and caffeine in cool drinks increase thirst.

#6 When sunstroke occurs, have water with a pinch of salt to give back the salts and fluids that are lost from the body.

#5 Better to drink pot water instead of fridge water because fridge water makes the water cooler but the pot maintains the coolness of water at the required levels.

#4 Coconut water helps to protect the body from sunlight. They not only give water but also nutrients to the body.

#3 Buttermilk keeps the body cool. Buttermilk contains lactic acid that improves the immunity power of the body.

#2 Health wise Barley is good for the body and can be taken when feeling thirsty.

#1 Water levels are more in watermelon, keera, by having these one can reduce thirst and can increase water level in the body.


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